Inner Healing Chamber

A sacred pilgrimage into your inner temple where you’ll receive the healing, restoration and rebirth your soul is longing for. 

You’ll be held, nurtured and guided throughout your journey. You’ll be awakened to the miracle of your true self before rebirthing into your highest and most purposeful timeline.

The Inner Healing Chamber is a six-month, immersive experience designed for those who are going through or are ready for profound, life-changing transformation and desire to emerge as their most optimal self, ready to live their most optimal life.

The Inner Healing Chamber operates at the highest frequency, offering a fully customized experience tailored to your unique needs. You’ll immerse yourself in this intimate container where you’ll experience unparalleled support and guidance, including seven-day access to Jen’s private WhatsApp between your sessions and more.

*Please be assured that everything from your application through to your emergence in six-months, is strictly confidential and will be personally taken care of by Jen.

**Only 4 placements are available each year.

*** P.O.A


Inner Healing Chamber Inclusions


 1:1 Inner Healing Chamber Sessions: Engage in 1:30 - 1:45 hour personalized sessions every second week, featuring Jen’s signature inner child and emotional trauma healing techniques. These foundational sessions are where profound, transformative changes occur. Due to the potency of these healings, it's essential to allow ample time for integration before your next session.

Customized Audio Reframe Recordings: Receive channeled and fully personalized audio recordings tailored to your specific inner child needs. These recordings amplify healing results, soothe, and regulate your nervous system.

Bespoke Audio Guided Healings: Receive custom-created audio healings designed specifically for you to support your healing journey, as needed.

Weekly Remote Healings: Enhance your healing and transformation with weekly remote healing sessions that build upon your 1:1 sessions with Jen. These remote healings help maintain your energy field in its most optimal state, ensuring a more smooth and easeful transformation.

Channeled Guidance: Receive insights and guidance from your multidimensional self, helping you navigate your journey.

Private Access to Jen: Enjoy seven-day-per-week access to Jen via WhatsApp messaging for between session support and guidance.

Nurturing Packages: Every two months, receive a premium care package from Jen, selected with love and delivered to your door to further nurture and support your healing process.


*Guarantee: If you're not experiencing meaningful change and feeling fully supported in the first 30 days Jen will happily return your investment!


Meet Your Guide


Jen is a visionary, multidimensional healer, #1 best selling author and founder of a 128K strong global healing community.

Jen is best known for her revolutionary work in the field of inner child healing, in particular dissolving emotional trauma, childhood trauma and hidden blocks deep within the subconscious mind.  

With over 11,500 hrs spent in-session specialising in dissolving trauma at the foundation for her private clientele, Jen's experience is vast and proven. 

Jen is also well recognised for facilitating deep, lasting change and relief for her private clientele, typically within weeks, where other modalaties have been unsuccessful.

Jen’s unique methods swiftly untether her clients from their past and restores their natural, Divine template so they can embody a higher version of themselves and live a life of love, freedom and purpose.


You’ve spent years being everything to everyone else, now it’s your turn to receive.


Your future-self awaits.